Trauma Surgery

The surgeons at Fairfield County Bariatrics & Surgical Specialists, P.C. are certified trauma surgeons. Dr. Peter Ingraldi is the Director of Critical Care Surgery at Norwalk Hospital. Dr. Ingraldi, Dr. Neil Floch, Dr. Craig Floch and Dr. Abe Fridman are all highly experienced trauma surgeons.

Our team of surgeons all perform and are active in taking trauma call at Norwalk Hospital and St. Vincent’s Medical Center. They cover the emergency room and take care of acute trauma patients and operate on these patients as needed.

Dr. Peter Ingraldi and Dr. Abe Fridman also perform trauma surgery at and trauma care at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT.

Norwalk Hospital is a Level 2 Trauma Center certified by the American College of Surgeons. The hospital emergency room physicians, trauma surgeons, and physician assistants are the members of this trauma team. When a trauma patient arrives in the hospital they may enter through several avenues. A patient may walk into the emergency room themselves or be brought in by personal transportation. Many more severe traumas may present by ambulance. The hospital is equipped to take care of the most complicated traumas that present. These traumas are separated into blunt trauma including patients who have fallen down, who may have injuries of their bones or heads, as well as patients who have been in motor vehicle accidents. The staff at Norwalk Hospital is also well equipped to deal with penetrating trauma injuries such as those patients who have been stabbed by a sharp object or who have suffered from a gunshot wound. Our highly accredited and trained staff can deal with almost any injury. However, in certain cases, patients with the most complicated problems may need to be transferred to a Level 1 Trauma Center. In these rare circumstances, patients may be transferred to Yale University or Westchester County Medical Center.

Patients suffering from bone or burn injuries are usually treated at Norwalk Hospital and discharged. These patients may, on certain instances, be transferred to the Burn Center at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Our team also serves the St. Vincent and Bridgeport community by performing trauma surgery at this Level 2 Trauma Center in much the same manner as described above. Once again, patients who are a Level 1 Trauma will be transferred to Yale University or Westchester County Medical Center.

Our trauma team treats patients according to their level of acuity that our trauma surgeons may be consulted on. Patients with more acute need may be considered under the heading of injury team at which time our physician assistants’ will assess the patient along with the emergency room team and the physician will see the patient at some time during their emergency room stay. Patients with a higher level of severity will be considered a trauma alert. At this time the entire team including the surgeons, the emergency room staff, the physician assistants, the respiratory therapists, and anesthesiologists will be contacted to come and evaluate the patient in an emergency setting. This high level of care has been successful in saving many lives.

In the unfortunate circumstances in which traumas occur, we are well equipped to successfully treat our patients who need help in the community.

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